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Prevention Force Family Center Inc.

Prevention Force Family Center Inc.

Prevention Force Family Center Inc.

Prevention Force Family Center Inc.

Prevention Force Family Center Inc.

Prevention Force Family Center Inc.

Teen Star Theater Youth Comments

Latoya said, "In my community there are many youth that are in gangs and fight every day because there are certain streets in their community that are run by gang members who sell drugs. Every day there is someone who is getting assault, harassed, robbed, or shot. There are drug dealers on every corner."

Theresa said, "There many youth that join gangs because there don't understand the consequences of being part of a gang."

Shorone said, "In our community there are many gang members, drug addicts, and drug dealers. Youth have to mind your own business to stay out of trouble. The weak and wired youth are the ones who get violate or pun out on."

According to the Ira Reiner, District Attorney of Los Angeles "Simply put, we have to get to kids before they get into gangs. Once they are caught up in the violent world of the drug culture, they are, for the most part, lost forever."

Gang prevention efforts must be increased. In the communities there are a lot of gang violent activities such as drive-by shootings, assaults, robberies, and murder. Many innocent people are being victimized.

The Teen Star Theater group wrote the play "Your Life, Your Choice" based on violence related to gang activities in their community. Their message to youth people is it "Your Life Your Choice"Don't Join Gangs. The play about two friends who have to make a choice to join or not join a gang. The journey of the two friends leave to difference circumstances. The play goals are to

* To keep youth from joining gang in their community.

* To educate youth about the dangers of gangs and the possible circumstances involved with gang criminal activities

* To educate parents about gang activities and the violence that youth face every day in the community.

* To provide alternatives for youth who are currently in gangs.

The Schedule for the Teen Star Theater performance "Your Life, Your Choice" play are:

Date: (Saturday) January 28, 2006
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Douglas Library
3353 W. !3th Street
Chicago, IL 60623

Date: (Saturday) February 25, 2006
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Austin Library
5615 W. Race
Chicago, IL 60644

Everyone is Welcome to attend the events. For more information Call (773) 863-5694.